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Includes access to Discord and Telegram channels.

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Channels might change, for updated channel list, please join our discord server and use FREE TRIAL option.

Access to following channels:

Bitmex Premium Signals aka BPS
Caixa Trading
Coins Coach
Credible Crypto Academy
Crypto Candy
Crypto Hounds
Crypto KenCrypto Coins
Crypto King
Crypto Premium Signals
Crypto VIP
Crypto Zone VIP
CryptoCove Official
Dans Premium
Delphi Digital
Dr. Profit
Dr.Profit Traders arena
Federal Russian Insider aka FRI-VIP
Haven Group  – Loma
Haven Group  – UB
Haven Group – Krillin
Haven Group – Mayne
Haven Group – Cold Bloded Shiller aka CBS
Haven Group – Pierre
Income Sharks
Klondike Crypto Rush / Altcoin / Margin / Scalp
Lizard Premium
Messari PRO
Olez VIP
Palm Beach Confidential
Palm Venice Beach
Raticoin Premium (Bitmex & Altcoin)
Rose VIP
Signal Express
Stansberry Research
The Birb Nest Official
The Bulls
THE Hunt
Trade Devils
Trader Koz
Universal Signals
Utopia Trading – Astekz
Utopia Trading – Jeliaz
Utopia Trading – Jtradestar
Walsh Wealth Group 
Warsnop Crypto
Whales Guide
Yo Crypto Platinum
+ Newsletters/research groups/reports


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  1. matabond

    I have joined CryptoCartel in June 2020. Since then I have found about great trading services which have allowed me to increase my bank 6x. Crypto cartel is always trying to improve by getting us great new trading services. Also they are always available for any questions. Overall crypto cartel is a game changer if you are new to trading and crypto. You will not regret if you join.

  2. hubis

    Awesome and very helpful team, top signals (dyor and just wait for it.) Many thanks

  3. CMDR Adrian

    Good signal results for the ones that I have tried. Very valuable discussions about the general market and BTC price trends as well as ICO info.

  4. CryptoDon

    The signals are very helpful and bring attention to coins that aren’t even on my radar. I can tell the chat rooms are full of good helpful people. It’s good to have people to turn to when the market is crashing and you want some guidance on a proper strategy to protect your investments.

  5. Waze88

    I don’t have enough words to describe how thankful i am to be part of CCO family , great signals , great members and a lot of good friendly advices. Thank you guys for everything you are doing for us!

  6. plopi

    Crypto cartel had always been an awesome discord, but those last days it improved even more with the addition of around 50 more signals.

  7. D3adlin3z

    Hands down one of if not THE best signal group I have the chance to be a part of. No delays, constantly being updated, affordable subscription fee,… Good to be here!

  8. Howl

    ust joined premium and its worth it. Loads of expensive premium signals in the one place. Looks very nice. Now to decide which ones to trade!

  9. MasterMind

    Joined premium almost 1 month ,oww simply osam ,this channel getting better and better with all the signals.and (Pablo bro i love u man ) you r super helpful.

  10. bitbotz

    definitly the best group :}}} just got premium!!! loved the free trial so much i had to pay up!

  11. DavidPetrol

    First server with so good content. Lucky i found you guys. Thanks for adding new channels so often, keep up this good work.

  12. nomad

    This server has more channels than any other other group and keeps the bots running perfectly. I have seen other signal servers and none operate as well as cartel. As the market picks up again, this willl be an asset to anyone.

  13. ShawnCrypto

    CCO FTW! This is the only place where you get your monies worth. Maybe multiplied by 10-15

  14. Jack Miller 89

    Be sure to check all channels they’re great!!! First month in and already in profit but always remember, don’t be to greedy and enjoy.

  15. Thomassetty

    I stumbled upon the Crypto Cartel server and at first didn’t believe that it was true. So much info from paid groups and relayed instantly. But DAMN it’s true!!! Great stuff this. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  16. xmore

    I’ve been part of many signal groups (original source and leaked) and this is my review:

    – this group has the largest number of premium, known channels, for a fraction of the cost;
    – the signals are being relayed instantly as the original source post them;
    – the owner/admins are available and constantly working in adding new channels, improvements and taking care of the occasional down times quickly;
    – the fees are the best taking in consideration all the above, not to mention the 12 month /lifetime;
    – learning material/paid courses are available and shared by the members;
    – the available channels are also useful for developing your own trading strategy as many charts/explanations/reasons for the trade are not being made public;
    – great all around service.

  17. erad2008

    Just got help from admin. All good and looking forward to the great signals here

  18. Dirkdiggler

    I just joined a few days ago. What an awesome resource! So many channels in one place. It was actually overwhelming at first, especially with some good BTC price action going on. The discord is organized pretty well so it didn’t take too long to get a feel for it though. What is great with all the channels are all the 2nd opinions to compare verses paying for one expensive channel directly and hoping they get it right this time. Thanks guys!

  19. SlamBasket889

    best server in discord 4 sure. money money money!!!

  20. circeo74

    Very good channel with a lot of signals, I will renew it for sure! Thanks

  21. Charlie Shin

    I am happy, I came across this server. It helps me tremendously with my trades. Buy subscription and you will make money too, following the signals of the favorite channels.

  22. blacke

    This is a really awesome place, so many sources that you can get lost easily, it’s extremely useful for me, as I do my own TA and compare it with several channels of TOP traders. Well worth the money. Glad to be here.

  23. 卐 Adolf Bitcoin 卐

    I wish i found you faster

  24. Zel’Xath

    They do exactly as they advertise. You can make over 40% upwards if you understand what you’re doing and its probably one of the greatest sources of limitless crypto information i’ve seen.
    I’d go out of my way to find these guys again if this server disappeared. They’re also super polite as customer service.

  25. Kyo_O

    Hi, real nice place here. Admins are helpful and always try to do their best. It worth it!

  26. sdh1981

    Nice helpful team! Good service and no delay in messages !

  27. DD

    I’ve been here from last 3 months
    and subscribed for Cartel package.
    The signals they provide is a lot real-time and useful and they’ve a nice supportive team.
    Thanks a lot.

  28. CryptoAlex

    I have tried so many groups but this is the only one worth joining! keep it up!

  29. sdh1981

    I would like to thanks the family group for they very responsive service. really worth to use it. No downtime reported in the last 4 months.

  30. Lenox

    Firstly, a very big thank you to all the Crypto Cartel admin. The services they provide are outstanding with some of the very best signals from margin/leverage crypto traders out there. Secondly, I have been subscribed for almost 18months now and have done very well by just following the signals I receive in real time. I couldn’t recommend this discord and what they offer enough. Outstanding value for money.

    Lastly, the team is extremely professional, helpful, respectful and consistently ask for user feedback in order to further enhance the services they provide. Glade I came across this discord server. Thank you Pablo, Carlos and RG! Keep up the good work

  31. BitmexO

    I stay here forever!
    Serviss quality, privider list, admins, upgrades and gains here are awesome.
    Crypto Cartel is insane good, TOP level service !

  32. PoSiTiVe8

    Excellent service!!!! In just 2 months, It helped me to earn 10 times more then I paid for mu membership. THANK YOU GUYS !!!!

  33. joe983steam

    Great Service , Top Quality Product !

  34. Simerva44

    great service so far. really like what those guys are doing

  35. XXIIVX

    Hello Pablo, I don’t know what it would be like without your service. I finally bought myself a car today . I can’t say in words how happy I am and all thanks to your service. Haha, it’s not a lambo but definitely better that ride in public transport. This only took me five months and cant wait until I reach next goals. Thank you very very very much! Cartel is gold and definitely life changer

  36. pesnoo

    I want to congratulate you guys about the recent changes and new channels in the group, its getting better everytime I renew my subscription. Thanks for that, keep on the good work:)

  37. noobtrader (aka El Chop)

    I am a member of CryptoCartel for more than 6 months now! It is safe! It is safe! It is absolutely safe here guys! The discord is managed by 3 really professional and communicative guys that you can ask anything in the discord and you will receive a professional answer/help fast! I did not expected such quality management. The discord is very organised, information is updated instantaneously in all shared paid groups categories. They even add new paid groups if most members request, which is fantastic! For me the idea is something like “I buy one group” with my membership fee, other members “buy other groups” and we all share it in one discord server here! Its like sharing Ice-cream, I want to taste multiple tastes every day, not one :slight_smile: I love to check the ideas of what so many paid groups think every day to make my trading better, without this discord that would be impossible. Huge THANKS to CryptoCartel discord team for creating all this!

  38. bigcoin

    Everything is amazing so far. There’s ton of signals services available and I have been profitable from 1st day :smiley:
    I have been in another relay server but I can find the huge different here. You guys have a filter and review process to make sure of quality service. What I found even more valuable is the discussions, feedbacks around these signal services and also the way your organized them in to different category.

  39. SilverTeeth

    I’m so happy to have subscribed to your service … It’s incredible the quality of the information ! Lucky to have found you

  40. srs

    Lucky I found this server, amazing winning signals and everything is neatly organized

  41. peanut

    Thank you, awesome work. I have been here for two years. Your service is getting better and better. It’s very valuable for me. You are doing awesome , keep up good work !

  42. 002

    I think your service is really good and works really well, at first I had my doubts too but you gave me a test run and now it has been like 3 months since I joined you, thanks!

  43. Ronny

    Best & Super good service! I’ll use this service for my life i think lol

  44. LSJethro

    CryptoCartel is amazing! Great service, fast, responsive and a great selection of channels. Here to make you grow and become a better trader for decent prices

  45. cxd222

    Crypto Cartel is the only group you need for following other pro traders. Very fair price and the speed and delivery of the signals is very fast. Lots of educational content for what the price is worth and also the best thing is the admins are very nice and super responsive, they listen to people of the group and add or remove groups based off our needs. Very highly recommend

  46. neoowl

    Thanks a lot to Crypto Cartel Team for providing Gems of Channels! This has been the best decision I have taken in 2020 and 2021 tbh. Learning so much about Crypto, TA, and moreover the conversations with like minded people who push to work more and achieve more. I guess 2021 will be mind-blowing!

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