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Family Access
Includes access to DIscord and Telegram channels.

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For an updated channel list, please join our discord server and use FREE TRIAL option.

Access to following channels
└📢Analysis Channels
└📢BitmexExperts VIP
└📢Bitmex Saviour
└📢Bleeding crypto
└📢Breakout Signals
└📢Cryptocove Alts
└📢Cryptocove Margin
└📢Crypto In Minutes
└📢Fat Pig Signals
└📢Kaiser Crypto
└📢Klondike Alts
└📢Klondike Margin
└📢Klondike Scalps
└📢Klondike Scalps Nexus
└📢Learn Crypto
└📢Onwards Signals
└📢Ozel Club
└📢Pumps Channels
└📢Raticoin Alts
└📢Rose Signals
└📢Saviour Scalps
└📢The Bulls
└📢Trading Crypto Coach
└📢Travelling Trader
└📢Universal signals
└📢VIP Premium Crypto Zone
└📢Yo Crypto
└📢Darth Crypto
└📢Trade Devils
└📢Cold Bloodied Shiller
└📢Trading Crypto Associates
└📢David Smith Margin
└📢David Smith Alts
└📢David Smith Scalps
└📢Ichi Trader
└📢Lizard Margin
└📢Lizard Alts
└📢Lizard Scalps
└📢Platter VIp


*These are not payments, these are monthly donation plans to keep our server in top condition and provide you with the best crypto content on market.*

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14 reviews for FAMILY MEMBERSHIP

  1. Selby

    I apologize for my English … In this way I want to thank Cartel family and I am glad to be with them, I have the chance and the opportunity to be among the best thanks only to cartel team, thanks again to the family 10x

  2. seb

    Happy to have found the CCO server and to belong now to the family! You have great signals here and many other resources available : TA, news, reports, airdrops… According to me, all the informations chosen are relevant and I have earned money with many signals. Thanks to all the mates who run the server. You do a great job!

  3. Melodii

    Thanks for all your help here :D. I’ve made over 10k just lurking as a teenager without a job in this past month

  4. Gino

    Crypto cartel is a legit signal group with great admins who are here to help and advice you. They provide signals from more then 50 signal groups. You can choose whichever you like and follow the calls you want. Besides there friendly banter and chat daily

  5. Zantox1102

    This server is really good. The admins are sooo nice and they got so many channels. They even added new channels today, which I am looking forward to to profit from

  6. >용병

    I love this channel.

  7. ma

    superb server. top quality channels.

  8. MartyRules

    Highly recommandabele group, lots of premium channels for small fee, signals leak instantly, super helpfull admin. Many signals make it easy to compare my TA with the TA of professionals. Just make sure not to follow every signal, z crypto is a must!

  9. Revolt

    I’m surprised at how the admins run things here with such efficiency and concerned for the well beings of the members just like a crypto family. Thanks @Carlos and @RG . Signals are instant, have confirmed that with some of the channels I’ve previously followed and stopped after I found this gem. There are some hiccups here and there with the relaying but I would say they are not that frequent and once sounded out, it will ALWAYS get fixed from the tech pro here. Great reliance and assurance is the way to go for such channels. I’m sure this is well worth every penny spent. Trust me, I’ve been in quite a few premium channels and this is the best I’ve been in so far. This is not even including @memegod who is a in-house TA expert here with great calls as well.

    If you are planning to look out for channels with purely signals, look no further, filter those good channels according to your own preferences and invest safely, you should be earning back the membership fees in no time.

  10. jack34

    This is the best server. Really good signals in Family+ membership, with instantly relay from original source. Learning materials are also provided which is a bonus if you want to learn and not only follow signals blindly. Some times there are some technical errors but fixed quickly by the admins. Also there have been some nice additions to the channels list in the last couple of weeks, which make the membership even greater. Keep doing an awesome job

  11. (R) Critshield [Pyrewood]

    Great channel, love the fact every channel has its own room. Admins always updating with new channels!

  12. circeo74

    Very good channel with a lot of signals, I will renew it for sure! Thanks

  13. Ashley

    Great channel! Very valuable discussion!

  14. Legalos

    Thanks Guys, best server yet

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