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Hope is enjoying their weekend 🙂 Not much to really update at this time and my perspective has not changed. Still ultimately looking for a move to yellow- there has been no significant PA development to suggest the bottom is in yet- and while it very well “could” be I remain bearish until we get some sort of confirmation of a reversal. As it stands the local trend is down- and until we see something to make time thing that has changed- I’m still looking for a move to significant HTF demand in the 38-40k region. Those who have been in this group know- there is a time to be aggressive (look for entries, jump into trades) and there is a time to be passive (avoid the chop, wait for some sort of confirmation of a new trend, sit on your hands). Currently, we are in the latter. So don’t feel like you MUST be doing something right now- as we say, NO position IS a position. ,

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