I am back in town guys, new Youtube video aiming to be released tomorrow. You all know where we stand here- up against HTF supply. However, what happens if we manage to grind past it? As unlikely as this seems, I know better than ever that in these markets anything is possible. There is an important thing I noticed on the charts regarding wave structure to support this argument, so I will be making an in depth video to share my thoughts tomorrow.

Current stance: As you know I have been net long for weeks now- with the idea that HTF weekly support is being retested on BTC and that this is a chance to load up. At the same time, we are now up against HTF supply- and so longing into this region is just generally not advisable. But we need to be prepared if we break through- and you should be positioned at this time to account for this being a possibility. You guys know I always say “never go all in or all out” which is why all the admin always talk about keeping a seperate HODL portfolio and a seperate trading portfolio. The rationale behind this being that- in a situation like this- where we are either going to see a significant drop or a significant pop- you are not left on the sidelines frozen in awe if the market does the opposite of what we expect it to do because you will always have long exposure via your HODL port.

This is not investment advice of course- but if you are finding yourself here with no longer term holds- or no exposure to the upside because you are confident we will drop to the 9k’s again, you may need to re-evaluate your approach at this time. Remember, HTF bias- and the most important level at this time (imo) is the KEY weekly S/R flip that we have retested from above as support. Imo you should be positioned well to take advantage of the upside in case we continue up without a drop to 9k’s while still holding some ammo in case we do drop to buy the dip.

Again, more to come tomorrow on the bullish case… , ,

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